Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Here Goes Something...

So I bit the bullet and have officially joined slimming world as of this evening (well technically yesterday now)!!! Although I was mortified having to stand on the scales...I was not as upset by the numbers as I had thought I would be. Yes it is true that I have piled on the pounds lately, however I am determined to do something about it! I got Bestie to take some pictures of me a few days ago so that I can see the progression (and downsizing!) every month. I will also do inches as I know that sometimes weight gets static but inches decrease IYSWIM?! So here goes something...

Excuse the dopey look!

So these are my lovely before shots! Hopefully as time goes on I will seek a marked improvement and be able to really see the weight coming off. Anyway I really must go to sleep now as I have a long day of baby catching ahead tomorrow! Wish me luck! xxx

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