Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Never Been in Love...

"...Never been in love...Cause a girl like me...Never had someone to care for...Never thought there could be...Someone special for me..."
These are the lyrics to a song by JoJo, an American singer. These have been swirling around my head for a while recently. When I listen to the song, I think about myself and wonder why...like really? 
I've never even had a hint of "The ONE"...and let's be frank I'm not getting any younger now am I? Bestie thinks it's cute that I've never had a boyfriend...Hmmm...cute isn't exactly the word I would use. Weird, annoying, frustrating, yes these are more the words I would chose. People often tell me that I am a 'nice' girl, a 'friendly' girl, that I'm pretty, that I will make a great girlfriend etc etc. So if the old mantra, that good things happen to good people, why am I still alone? It makes me kind of angry because I just want what so many other girls my age have; some one who looks at them and sees nothing else but them. Maybe I'm living in a dreamland and things don't actually happen that way! 
Of late, I've gone from the 'it'll never happen' phase, to the 'mild optimism' phase, to the 'almost hopeful' and right back to 'full on cynicism'. I'm wondering what is wrong with me: is it my hair? is my bum too wide (which it is lool) are my thighs too large, do I talk too much? It's funny, I guess I've always attributed my non success with guys to me and my weight. Guys want a woman that isn't like me; they want big boobies, tiny waist, long legs and that just isn't me!!! I've met guys before, but it never seems to progress past a certain point...So what am I doing wrong? Am I destined to be alone from now until kingdom come...

Cupid x


  1. there are guys out there who love women who are all woman hun trust me!
    but dont be in a rush to give your heart away, make sure its truly someone who will cherish it and look after it - you dont want someone who is careless and will let it slip through their fingers and break

  2. I'M a full on cynic! But Jo you don't want a by force relationship anyway. Also men are like sniffer dogs. IF they sense you like them then they just misbehave. Focus on you and be happy. He will come eventually and when he does, don't make him feel like he's doing you any favours. You are awesome etc. embrace it.

  3. I know ladies, just sometimes feels like it's never gonna happen!