Saturday, 6 November 2010

First things First... this is my first time doing anything like this so please bear with me! I have kinda done this on a whim so lets hope I keep it up! I guess I should start by giving you a little background...

So I'm 23 years old and currently studying for my degree in Midwifery. I was born and bred in Stanmore, London UK to Ghanaian parents. I have a sister here in London, a sister and a beautiful niece in the USA and others here there and everwhere inbetween!!. I have lived in the same house since I was born and I currently think I may very well be here forever lol...I love to sing, to read romance books (the steamy kind lol...) I love being with family and friends and just like being conent! Funny as that may sound that is me! I'm a strong (most times), loyal, kind hearted and dependable person. I try my best to be there for my nearest and dearest when they need me and I try not to be too judgemental as it helps noone. I am a proud Christian and know that without the man upstairs...I wouldn't be where I am today!

Anyway so, I have been a student for absolutely EVER!!! I have 10 GCSE's (A's and B's!) and 3 A Levels (BBC) and half a degree under my belt so far and am on my way to getting a full degree (fingers crossed) and RM qualification! And I can't WAIT to finally be done and over with all this study, be a great midwife and EARN A! My journey to becoming a midwife has been a bit of a bumpy one to say the very least, but thats a story for another post!

In my life there's a a few main focuses; becoming a great midwife, being happy and living the best life possible and looking and feeling great (ie being a normal weight!). The last two seem to be intertwined...and right now I am stuck! When I am happiest is when I am confident in myself and how I look! BUT...When I am sad..I eat..when I eat I get fat...when I get fat..I get unhappy and eat more! I've been sad for a really long time it feels; If anyone I know is reading this then they may be shocked as I try not to show this too much! So as I've been sad, I've been eating...getting bigger you see my dilema! Again, a post for another day!

Currently I'm in a weird place in my life right longer a whistful, excited teenager with dreams of being away from home to rave to my hearts content; but also not ready to be someone's wife and mummy. SO right about now I am caught between in a limbo land! And I don't really know how to deal with it. I spend many a day just thinking...which is what has bought me to beginning my blog. With all that is swirling around in my head, I think it would be really good to have an outlet so here in begins another journey...blogging! This is going to be for me to express just that, ME!

If anyone reads this then I hope you don't think I'm crazy, but in reality, I'm just a girl in this crazy world trying to be happy! I'm going to leave the first post here. But I'll be back.

Love Cupid


  1. you are crazy! welcome to the world of blogging - enjoy your journey

  2. you're not crazy JOJO! i get you entirely. welcome fellow blogger.xx