Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Let Positivity Win

Today was a particularly long and tedious day spent at university. During the day I was reminded as to why I hate studying...because I just don't quite get things like everyone else...and I hate homework lol. It was made worse by the fact that I spent a considerable amount of sleep time, awake last night, overthinking. Thinking about craving change but feeling stuck, thinking about some of the areas of my life that I have limited control over and about the future. For those that know me well and for those that don't, I'm quite an emotionally open but measured person. I try to keep things I think and feel in check, but every so often, these pesky emotions bubble to the surface. And today was one of those days! I spent the day consumed in negative energy and in a negative space in my head. If you've read this far, you are probably thinking...where is the positivity that the title alluded to? It's coming...bear with me. So I spent the day in a bubble of gloom. Usually what follows would be a night of feeling very sorry for myself...wondering why I had to be stuck in my situation.

Tonight, however, I decided to do something a little different. Rather than remain in a place of sadness...I got proactive and was determined to end today on a positive note. So I said a prayer, I perused my match.com prospects...NOTHING to see there unfortunately (a post for another day), I did some online shopping and then most importantly I told myself five things that I thought made me pretty great. Up until now, I've had no idea how unkind I've been to myself with the things that I say to me and the impact that has had on my positivity/negativity balance. But I'm realising that a healthy, positive mindset has to start with me.

The phrase "talk to yourself like someone you love" has never been truer. So today my five things were as follows:

  1. I have beautiful eyes...I love the shape!
  2. I am compassionate and I care...a lot.
  3. I can sing (and not just in the shower).
  4. I have a HUGE bum...that looks great in jeans ;-) 
  5. I am open to change.
Today could have ended like any other bad day, but I made a conscious choice to let positivity win. Life doesn't always go our way...but you have to keep pushing through to happy ever after...or something like that.

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