Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year...New Me...hmmm

Happy New Year one and all... So as the festive season comes to an end and reality kicks in...the age old mantra, new year..new me has kicked in but I really want it to be true. It seems like every new year starts the same for me; miserable about non change in my life and on a diet that involves whisking most of my meals ;o) ! So I want this one to be different and so far it has been. I've got some great friends around me and that has helped me not to fall into a bout of muffin eating depression lol!  I had a lovely chat with one of my old school friends last week and we talked about putting down all the things we wanted to achieve this year and then checking them off. Well that got me thinking...there is much that I would like to do and accomplish this year and so where better place to write them than here.

So as I mentioned the festive season has come to an end and therefore so must my 'munch mania' end! I have decided that rather than do what I always do, which is revert back to liquid diets I will do it the hard, but longterm way! I will forever be greatful for the VCLD (meal replacement option) as it has allowed me to go from being an 18+ stone heffalump, to a svelte 11stone 12lbs, back up and down and up like a yogo and now finally down to a more defined 13+stone (on a good day). However I feel like it's not good enough, I need to get fit and be the best me possible and be able to sustain it. So I have decided to join the gym and put myself on a healthy eating plan. Now this is not going to be easy as I'm not a great lover of exercise but needs must and all. I found a lovely pair of gym shoes loool...hey I don't own any and I still have to look cute at the gym!

So gym + eating three meals a day and cutting down (and eventually out) the junk should = sexy new me! And although this is a long term goal, I would like to see results, so I want to be able to report some success this time next month! I'm gonna get bestie to help me record my progress...yikes - Before photo's suck!!! But seeing the changes should help to spur me on!

Next I would like to make some new friends...Now don't get me wrong, I love the ones I have, I just feel like I should branch out; especially when it comes to friends of the opposite sex. If I ever expect to meet a guy (which is debabtable right now) I need to be confident around them. Which means I have to be around them more! Not really sure how this one will be achieve so watch this space!!!

Go on two or more holidays...and see my beautiful niece in ATL...wanted to go with bestie, but she's left me hanging...ah well!

Learn how to do make up and experiment more...Having come across some other blogs, I saw someinteresting this to do with eye make up. So 2011, I'm gonna be a bit more out there...

Dress more like a young twentysomething...this one will make bestie happy!

Go on a weekend away

Try to start saving..I want to move out, get a new car, go to MIAMI baby...and just have money to live life...

Be more organised with uni work and utilise the LRC more...hmmm...LRC party anyone?

Do another charity walk, but actually jog this time...o_O

Pray more...

Not be afraid to enjoy my life :-) Anyway, that's enough for now...until next time...

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